What we believe

As Christians in the Episcopal tradition, our life together is grounded in the Bible, as interpreted through the historical traditions of the Church and by human reason.

The Bible contains the books of the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures. We believe these Scriptures to be the Word of God because God inspired their human authors. We believe God still speaks to us through the Scriptures. 

Tradition is the wisdom of the community of faith throughout history. Special attention is given to the formative years of the Church during which our ancestors in faith gave final form to the Bible as we know it and articulated our beliefs through the words of the Apostles' and Nicene Creeds. Tradition is also expressed through our style of worship. 

Reason includes both intellectual and intuitive ways of thinking and knowing. It is prayerful reflection on Scripture and Tradition in the midst of contemporary human experience. 

Our baptismal promises

We believe that our baptism is a gift and a responsibility. The promises made at baptism ask us to change how we behave, to live out what we believe, and to commit to belonging to a community of faith. 

Through our baptism we are called to live as the reconciling presence of the Body of Christ in the world. We promise to engage in lifelong formation through study, worship, prayer, and life in community. 

We believe that in baptism, each person receives gifts for ministry through the Holy Spirit - gifts that must be lived out in the church and the world. The authority for ministry in The Episcopal Church comes from baptism. While we all have different roles, we share in the ministry of the gospel and the priesthood of all believers.