Christian Formation at St. Peter's

At St. Peter's we offer educational opportunities for people of all ages to learn about the Bible, Christian beliefs and spiritual practices. We wrestle with tough questions and know we don't have all the answers. Christian Education at St. Peter's happens not only in formal classrooms but through all we do together.

Messy Church All Ages

Together, people of all generations gather, taking a Biblical theme, such as water, and create expressions of the many ways water draws humanity toward the divine. Imagine gathering for a meal while using craft materials to explore our faith story. 


We gather for Messy Church on the second Sunday of each month during the school year (September-May), at 5:30 pm. Everyone is welcome. In many way, this is an entry point to the faith community.  Invite friends - it's not just for Episcopalians!

Kick-Off Sunday: September 8 @ 5:30pm

Adult formation

Adult Christian Formation offerings vary throughout the year. Seasonal offerings during Advent and Lent are often led by the clergy and weekly discussions at other times of the year are based on topical concerns or current Lectionary readings.