In this section you can find information about ways to become more deeply involved in the life of St. Peter's. There are descriptions of "in-house" ministries. If you are interested in hearing more about a particular ministry, talk with Reverend Meg or someone whose name you see listed on the schedule. Schedules, who's doing what when, are found under each ministry area.

  • altar guild

    The altar guild prepares for every worship service at St. Peter's. Their work includes selecting and arranging flowers, gettting bread and wine and the needed "dishes" set out before and cleaned up after the service, putting up hymn numbers and taking care of vestments, hangings and linens. They also care for our indoor plants. This ministry is open to older youth and adults. Training is offered.

  • liturgical ministry

    Our worship service is the work of many people including the acolytes, ushers, lay readers and chalice bearers. We are always looking for people to help in these ways.

    View/Print list of summer serversserver_schedule_for_september 2017 check this list to see who is listed as a server for what duty.

    View/Print - serserver_schedule_as_of_8-16-17.docxver schedule as of 8-16-17 to find a substitute.

  • music

    Across time and religious traditions, music has helped people deepen their connection with God and with one another. Music at St. Peter's ranges from traditional to contemporary. Hymns, accompanied by piano or organ, are part of most worship services. September through May, St. Peter's choir sings as a group, supporting congregational singing and offering an anthem. Members of St. Peter's, young and old, are encouraged to share their musical gifts. The choir is always open to new members.

  • hospitality

    Coffee Hour Hosts provide and serve a simple snack, cold drink and coffee following worship on Sunday mornings. Then, just like at home, hosts clean up after the parish family and our guests. Want a copy of the schedule? Click below.

    servers schedule for september  2017-- check this list to see who is listed to serve various tasks and also to find a substitute in case of conflict.

    View/Print server schedule as of 8-16-17 to find a substitute.

  • kneel mail

    Several of us have joined together to start a new ministry at St. Peter's. We've called it “kneel-mail” – partially as a play on the word “email.” It is intended to be used when a parishioner or church neighbor has a need that they would like to have prayed for in a speedy, confidential manner. It does NOT replace the church prayer list in the Sunday bulletin. It just provides one more way to pray. When you send or call for a request for prayer, the request immediately goes to our “pray-ers” (the people who have volunteered to pray). We stop whatever we are working on our computers, and make a short, but immediate and intense prayer for whomever has contacted us and for the need expressed. The “pray-ers” are those of us who have volunteered to check our email daily to see if any prayer requests have come through. If so, our motto is “stop, drop and pray.” Afterwords, the person(s) being prayed for may be moved to the church prayer list (in the bulletin), if they so desire. “Kneel-mail” prayer requests do not have to be only for illness or accidents. We would pray for safe travel, thanksgivings, happy news, results and any other issues.

    Have a prayer request for our Kneel Mail? Click here to email us!