Worship at St. Peter's

Sunday Schedule (September-May)

     Holy Eucharist- 8:00 a.m.

     Christian Formation- 9:00 a.m. 

     Choral Eucharist- 10:00 a.m.


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How we worship

At St. Peter's our primary worship service is Holy Eucharist. The first half of the service includes readings from the Bible, a sermon, statement of faith and prayers. The second half is Holy Communion. All are welcome to receive Communion at St. Peter's. 

We welcome young children in our midst and we believe that children learn to worship by being present in the service and participating in the activities. Worship in the Episcopal Church is based in The Book of Common Prayer and is liturgical, meaning it is the work of the people that are gathered. Bible readings change each week while the general structure of the service remains the same. This sameness gives our worship a rhythm that becomes comforting and familiar to those who participate. Liturgical worship can be compared with a formal dance: once you know its steps and movements, you enjoy its rhythm and it becomes satisfying to dance, again and again, as the music changes. 

Liturgy can be confusing for those not accustomed to it. It's often hard for visitors to find their way around the Prayer Book so at St. Peter's we put all you need to participate in our service leaflet which is handed out before each service. You may wonder when to sit, stand or kneel during worship. Practices vary - even among our congregation. The general guideline is to stand to sing the hymns, for the reading of the Gospel and the Creed. We sit during the other readings and the sermon. We stand or kneel for prayer and to receive Communion.